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23 Benefits For You & Baby With Baby Yoga

Baby yoga has a lot to offer you and your baby.  Some “baby yoga” classes are simply adult yoga classes with the baby hanging out on the sidelines.

That is not the sort of baby yoga we want to discuss today.  Rather, we want to talk about the baby yoga classes that involve mom and baby.  Most of these types of baby yoga classes start when your baby is 6-8 weeks old.

We have found that there are lots of benefits when you participate in a yoga class that is designed for the both of you.


Benefits of Baby Yoga For You

  • When enrolled in a class with new moms, you have an opportunity to socialize with others who are experiencing parenthood too.  This gives you an opportunity to share concerns, learn new perspectives and create long lasting friendships.
  • Strengthen your maternal bond with your baby as you work together through the various exercises.  You hold and touch your little one in a different way than your normal daily routine.  This helps you connect at a different level with your baby.
  • Yoga’s breathing techniques can help you to relax and get in touch with your inner self and clear the clutter from your mind.
  • Many mom’s report yoga helps them with the physical post-partum changes in their bodies.  They find the exercises help build back their strength and eases tension.
  • Yoga helps to improve your sleep.  We know new mom’s need good sleep.
  • Exercise also aides in giving you more energy.  The other thing that you need a lot of with an infant in the house.
  • New moms tend to ignore self-care.  Yoga helps you to refocus and recenter on yourself and what you need.  Sharing the yoga experience with your little one can help you to appreciate your new role while taking care of yourself.
  • Mommy brain is something that happens post-partum.  This frequent forgetfulness can be reduced with yoga and meditation.  These activities help to increase your brain activity, which helps decrease the mommy brain tendencies.
  • You can experience improved flexibility which comes in handy when trying to keep up with an active baby.
  • Exercise, including yoga, releases endorphins.  This along with breathing, being mindful and movement goes a long way to fend off baby blues.
  • It is just fun!  Spending special active creative time with your baby in a safe environment is just fun.  Enjoy!

Benefits of Baby Yoga For Your Baby

  • Yoga can help your baby sleep better as well.  We think this alone is worth checking into a baby yoga class.
  • The stretching and posing helps develop your baby’s gross and fine motor skills.
  • Many of the yoga moves improve digestion for baby which in turn can prevent constipation and relieve colic.
  • Yoga improves flexibility in your little one’s spine.
  • Yoga exercises promotes your baby’s motor skills.
  • Movement stimulates your baby’s lymphatic system which helps to fight infection and protect him/her from diseases.
  • Yoga positions help to develop balance, eye control and head movements
  • Baby yoga exercises help your little one to become more aware of their own body and its various parts.  Learning they have arms, legs, hands and more that they can start to control.
  • Stretching and yoga movements encourages deeper breathing and stronger respiration.
  • Babies love movement and yoga offers plenty that gives them lots of enjoyment.

Benefits Of Baby Yoga For Both Of You

  • Moving together through the yoga exercises strengthen the bond between you and your baby is one of the best benefits of baby yoga.
  • You will find that you become more tuned into your baby’s needs and wants as you learn to pick up on his/her cues.

All in all, enjoying a baby yoga class with your little one could be just the thing you both need to create a strong, loving and healthy relationship.

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