September Giveaway
Calming Comfort

We love giveaways so much that we offer you one each month.

This month is our Calming Comfort Giveaway.  This giveaway grand prize is perfect for a every new mom.

Little ones are still getting their bearings in this big world.  New places, people, and sounds can often times make them feel insecure and uncomfortable.

This month we are giving away a delightful farm themed set that will help with those anxious times as well as make things easier on mom.

 First there is our own design for a baby lovey or security blanket.  Soft 100% cottons create a perfect size blanket that your little one can carry with them anywhere.  There are fringes and ribbons to give them tactile stimulation.  The ribbons can even be used to tie their favorite pacifier or teething ring to the lovey so they are always ready and waiting.

Then there is our very own paci pouch.  A delightful easy way to keep a stash of extra pacifiers where ever you need them the most.  We love tying the pouch to the crib, changing table or doorknob.  Then fill it with extra pacifiers so you don’t have to fumble in the dark when your little one needs a paci.

And just to give you a jump start on that paci stash, this month’s giveaway includes a new Oli pacifier. 

There is only one Grand Prize winner.  However, all giveaway contenders will receive a special VIP Golden Ticket  just for playing along. 

What’s a VIP Contender Golden Ticket?  A very special limited time discount just for those who participate in our giveaway.

Won’t you join in with us?