Nursery Rhyme Benefits

Three reasons to share nursery rhymes


We’ve been looking at the various impacts that nursery rhymes have on our children’s development.  Many of them you may have assumed were positive impacts, others may have come as quite a surprise to you.  Some of them surprised us.

Today we want to look at a few more that we haven’t touched on yet.  We love nursery rhymes here at Quilted Rhymes.  They are a big reason we do what we do.  These delightful and funny little verses are at the core of our baby story blankets.

Knowing that nursery rhymes have such a positive impact on the growth and development of our children makes us happy we do what we do.  


Preparing for reading and spelling

We don’t typically speak in rhyming verse in our daily conversations.  However, nursery rhymes do just that.  They create these similar sounds that children pick up on.  Their brains start recognizing the structures of those words due to the rhyming nature of them.  So it starts categorizing the words and sounds. 

This starts your child down the path of recognizing that letters represent sounds.  These sounds become words, some with sections or what we know as syllables.

Patterns of sound help your child’s brain to start to understand language.  By the time they are get ready for preschool, they can recognize the sequences of sound in whole words.  This is a huge step in learning to read and spell.

For the love of books


Learning to love to read books is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.  Books introduce them to incredible adventures, history, science and so much more.

Nursery rhymes pave the way to developing a life long love of books.  They are mini stories that have a beginning, middle and end.  Short and sweet to be just the right length to capture our child’s attention.

Children learn the basic concept of story telling.  Then as they get older, you can introduce longer stories and even more involved


Share a link to your past

How many nursery rhymes do you remember from your childhood?  Bet it was more than you thought.  You may even find that there’s some strong feelings attached to a few of them.  A few special memories from your childhood.  These links are an important connection to share with your children.  They are always fascinated to learn what you did as a little person. 

Nursery rhymes become one of those important links between your past and the present with them.  These family stories can continue to be passed down from generation to generation.


If you are having a hard time remembering some nursery rhymes, just check out our sister site at Grandmas Nursery Rhymes.  You will find hundreds of rhymes there to share with your little ones.

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