Baby Quilts

Cuddles with your favorite baby blanket are the best…

Welcome to our cuddly baby quilts selection.  These delightful handmade baby blankets will wrap your little one in cottony soft luxury.

We only use 100% cotton materials, including threads, in the creation of these perfect baby blankets.  Since cotton is hypoallergenic, you won’t need to worry about irritating that tender baby skin.

The most fun unique factor for all our homemade baby rag quilts is that they are an interpretation of a children’s rhyme or song.  We include the themed rhyme with your quilt purchase as a complimentary 8×10 color glossy print.

Baby Safety
Quilted Rhymes is not responsible for injuries incurred while using our baby blankets. Be sure to always observe SIDS safety sleep standards with any item you give your child.

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