Binky Bags

Our cute little binky bags can stop the fumbling.  You know, that thing you do in a dark nursery in the middle of the night trying to find your little one’s pacifier they lost while sleeping.

This great little binky bag can readily hold 4-6 extra pacifiers within easy reach wherever you need them.

A colorful ribbon is sewn into each one to make it easy to tie your pacifier pouch to the crib, changing table, car seat, stroller, baby carrier or even a handy door knob.  Simply tie a paci bag wherever you may need quick easy access to your little ones favorite binky.

Our pacifier bags are designed with an extra wide opening.  This opeing makes it easy to reach in and grab a paci to soothe that tearful little one.  Each binky bag is lined with cotton flannel to help hold those extra pacifiers in place until you need one.

Our colorful print pacifier holders can even grow with your little one to become their Tooth Fairy Bag. Just tie the bag to their bedpost and tuck that little lost tooth inside.  The Tooth Fairy can then easily access your child’s lost tooth without waking them up.

There’s plenty of room in the Tooth Fairy Bag to even tuck in a special note from the Tooth Fairy herself to really make your child’s day.

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