I Have A Dog Collection

The I Have A Dog collection, with it’s adorable assortment of dogs, is a wonderful collection for the dog loving family.  The various shades of blue and the variety of dogs in the cotton prints make this collection perfect for a baby boy nursery.

Your little guy will grow up loving the pups that adorn his room and his favorite story blanket.  Imagine the stories that could be told about each of the delightful dogs illustrated in this collection.

The nursery banner for I Have A Dog is a little different from the ones in our other collections.  Most of our banners have the same prints on both sides.  But with I Have A Dog you have two different versions of the wall banner.  One side displays all the wonderful blue prints from the front of the story blanket.  The other side features different dogs in each of the pennant banners.

A great set for your special little guy!

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