We call these mini blankets “loveys” because babies just LOVE them! Loveys give a baby or toddler a sense of security, which is perfect for nap time or when away from home.

Little ones love having a smaller version of their favorite blanket that they can carry around with them. Our lovey’s small size makes them easy to grab and cuddle on the go. This adorable comfort item is great for strollers, car seats and shopping carts.

Handcrafted from 100% cotton fabric prints and flannels, three layers of fabric create a soft beautiful cuddly lovey. We only use 100% cotton fabrics because pediatricians highly recommend cotton for babies to protect their tender skin from irritation and rashes.

Babies start exploring their world through touch. A lovey is a delightful way for them to start this exploration. They learn about different textures while this small blanket also offers a sense of security.

The curly seams on our rag quilt loveys offer tactile stimulation for your little one. Sewn in colorful satin streamers add different textures for your baby to explore. The ribbons can also be used to attach their favorite pacifier or teething ring.

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