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Jungle Fever Safari Baby Quilt


Because cuddles with your favorite blanket are the best…

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The best cuddles await you...

What makes this safari baby quilt so special?

Cute lions and monkeys adorn our safari baby quilt.   The perfect animal baby blanket for an afternoon nap, tummy time floor play or simply cuddling with you while sharing great stories and rhymes about jungle animals.

Yellows, oranges and muted greens in delightful prints create an enchanting color scheme for your baby room.  And to top off your nursery, this baby quilt is themed after the nursery rhyme “Jungle Fever”.  We even include with your quilt a color print of the “Jungle Fever” nursery rhyme.  Just slide your complimentary 8×10 print into a cute frame and hang on the wall to add a special touch to your safari nursery décor.

Not only is this baby rag quilt adorable, it’s the best baby blanket for your little one.  Pediatricians wholeheartedly recommend 100% cotton fabrics for children from birth forward.  Children’s doctors know that cotton is non-allergenic, so it won’t irritate baby’s tender skin or cause rashes. 

Cotton is also a breathable fabric, meaning it has a knack for air circulation which keeps babies warm in cool weather, yet, not over hot in warmer temps.  Rather in warmer weather, cotton’s natural wicking capabilities pulls moisture away from your baby helping keep him/her cool and comfortable.  In so many ways, our rag quilt is the perfect year round baby blanket for your little one.  

Our safari baby blanket can take repeated washings and still look adorable!  As a matter of fact, the more our rag quilt is washed, the softer and more adorable it becomes.  Those curly little seams between the quilt squares actually get even curlier.

This delightful baby cuddle blanket will accompany your little one from birth to toddlerhood.  You can own an heirloom baby blanket that you’ll both cherish for years to come.

Delightful Details:


  • Fun and delightful jungle theme
  • Bright yellows, muted greens, corals and oranges
  • Multi stripes in white coral and yellow
  • Tone on tone polka dots on muted green
  • Tone on tone circle print on bright yellow
  • Adorable jungle animal print with baby lion, monkey, elephant, tiger and palm trees
  • Yellow and white geometric print on flannel
  • Precious lion with orange mane on flannel
  • Themed after the nursery rhyme “Jungle Fever”


  • 100% cotton fabrics and thread
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Layered for comfort and breathability
  • Perfect size for baby and toddler at 41″ x 34″
  • Car seat blanket
  • Stroller blanket
  • Tummy time blanket
  • Best baby cuddle blanket
  • Free 8×10 color print of “Jungle Fever” nursery rhyme


  • Machine wash and dry
  • Wash separately in warm water, no bleach
  • Tumble dry medium
  • Item may produce lint the first few washings as a result of the ragging process
  • Shake and use lint roller to remove excess lint
  • Lint will stop after first few washings

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