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When We Camp Woodland Baby Quilt


Because cuddles with your favorite blanket are the best…

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The best cuddles await you...

What makes this woodland baby quilt so special?

 The “When We Camp” woodland baby quilt will make the best centerpiece for your woodland themed nursery.  Your little one will be tickled with the stories you could share about the bears, raccoons and foxes on their camping adventure in the woods.

Handmade with 100% cotton fabrics, you’ll find our woodland animals baby quilt to be the best for your baby.  Cotton is the #1 recommended fabric for infants and toddlers since it is naturally hypoallergenic.  With our products, you don’t need to worry about irritation and rashes on their soft tender skin.

Do you have concerns a cotton baby quilt won’t be warm enough in the winter or even too warm the rest of the year?  You will find our breathable blanket for baby is the best year round baby quilt you can find.

As a result of layering the cotton fabrics, our animal baby quilt keeps your baby toasty and warm in cooler temperatures.  Similarly, using cotton this way the baby blanket draws heat and moisture away from your baby when the temperatures are warmer.

This cotton baby quilt is the perfect companion for your little one for a car seat blanket, stroller blanket, floor play and best of all when sharing stories and rhymes cuddled in your lap.

We believe so much in cuddles and sharing rhymes that we include a color print, suitable for framing, of the rhyme “When We Camp” with your forest animal quilt.  Just a little extra something for you and your little one to share when snuggling.

By the way, we know that little ones can be hard on their baby blankets.  They drag them around through everything.  But we want you to know that our baby rag quilt gets cuter with each laundry cycle.  Cotton is stronger wet than dry and can take repeated washings.  You’ll even notice those curly seams getting even curlier.

Delightful Details:


  • Delightful woodland creatures
  • Fun camping theme
  • Bears, foxes, racoons camping and fishing
  • Grey, light green and white colors throughout
  • Polka dots of grey on white
  • Sweet “I love you” print on grey
  • Teal, white polka dot on grey and print flannels
  • Themed after nursery rhyme “When We Camp”


  • 100% cotton fabrics and thread
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Layered for comfort and breathability
  • Perfect size for baby and toddler at 41″ x 34″
  • Car seat blanket
  • Stroller blanket
  • Tummy time blanket
  • Best baby cuddle blanket
  • Free 8×10 color print of “When We Camp” nursery rhyme


  • Machine wash and dry
  • Wash separately in warm water, no bleach
  • Tumble dry medium
  • Item may produce lint the first few washings as a result of the ragging process
  • Shake and use lint roller to remove excess lint
  • Lint will stop after first few washings

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