Reading To Your Baby

We Love Story Time


Have you experienced much better than cuddling with your little one, with a favorite story blanket and a favorite book?  

Watching as their eyes light up as you read their favorite story to them.  

Smiling the biggest smile as they take in the words, start understanding what they mean, start to repeat the words you are saying and point to the images on the page as they recognize the words as you speak them.

These are the wonders that keep us going.  These are the inspirations for our story blankets.  These are why we do what we do.

To help guide you in sharing stories with your little one, we are thrilled to share with you the guides that came with your story blanket.

Just click the links below to access your guides.

Age Guide For Reading To Your Baby:  what type of stories and books to share with your little one base on their age

How To Read To Your Baby:  easy tips to have a fun storytime